Is like during an interview when someone ask you: "Please introduce yourself".


The only thing that I want to tell is: "I Don't really know".


I'm Italian, I grow up with my mum, my parents are divorce, at school I wasn't the smart one, I was really really ugly and I got the retainer.


I started to travel at 8 years old, with other kids, and from 18 years old, alone.


My first real kiss was at 14 years old and was terrible.


I got a lot of dreams in my life but I was too scared to realize them because people around me always thought that I'm different, crazy, stupid.

So, at 18 years old I decided to study Architecture, I become an Architect and I wanted to work in this field and be a Designer but I started working in Events in Italy and Europe and I really loved it.


From 20 to 28 years old, almost, I was in a relationship with 3 different guys (not at the same time), never been single, never realized my dreams, only studied, do the right thing because people judged me and then... what was the goal in my life?


At 28 years old I completely freaked up and I changed my file. I started to be single, living as a teenager for 2 years, working abroad, change jobs to understand what I really love in life and I met new friends and I started to live the life.


Is not simple, is not easy, is not always fun, because be different, try and be curageus is not for everyone, many times you feel alone, many times no one can understand you, but at the end I'm a normal person with big dreams and I want realize them to be happy.


Follow my adventure in the blog, where I explained to you my life in the last 3 years (travels, friends, sex, social network, jobs etc).


And if you are more brave, follow "TheBucketList", a social network where I show you how many dreams I have and how I realize them with my super friend Lori.


Only one advice: "Be yourself and try everything".

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